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Before trying to set up a device with ForgeOS, first check if the device is supported by ForgeOS.


Even if a device is supported by ForgeOS, you may be required to purchase additional hardware and software items to allow that device to communicate with ForgeOS.


From the options below, select which robot brand you are interested in using with ForgeOS. You will be navigated to a list of supported controllers and robot arms.


If you don't see your robot listed, ask our sales team if it is on the roadmap for being supported soon.

Other Devices

Check the ForgeOS Manual to see if your device is listed in the Device Library.

  • To add a device that passes data over Modbus or EtherNet/IP (such as a PLC, adaptive gripper, or vision system), use one of the generic fieldbus devices.

  • To add an IO device (such as an optical sensor), use breakout IO or the robot controller's IO (if available).

  • To add a pneumatic device, connect it to a PLC (such as the Forge/Ctrl or Festo), which you can then connect to an air regulator and air supply.