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ForgeOS Manual

Welcome to ForgeOS, the universal operating system for the top robot brands and automation hardware.


Always follow corporate guidelines and regional safety regulations. For questions about device-specific safety requirements, refer to the device documentation.

Perform a comprehensive risk assessment for each task in each automation cell. Not identifying, documenting, and addressing all potential risks and hazards can lead to serious injury or death.

Some robot arms are made for collaborative applications. Never consider them inherently safe. Only use these "collaborative" robots in accordance with ISO 10218-2:2012 and ISO/TS 15066:2016, and according to your comprehensive risk assessment.

Without ForgeOSWith ForgeOS
Program your robot with native software (which varies between brands and can take months to learn).Program your robot with brand-agnostic, flowchart-based software (which can only take minutes to learn).


ForgeOS requires:

  • An IPC with ForgeOS installed

  • The READY pendant


Depending on which devices you want to use with ForgeOS, there may be additional hardware and software requirements.

Click an image below for more info about that item:



Similar to a smartphone or tablet, ForgeOS comes with default apps.

Click an image below for more info about that default app:

Device ConfigurationDevice ControlParameter ManagerRule Engine
SettingsTask Canvas

With the Forge SDK, you can also create custom apps.