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Device Configuration

The Device Configuration app is used to add and manage devices in ForgeOS. Sign in as an Admin to access it. Supported devices include robot arms, PLCs, IO devices, end of arm tooling, and a wide range of fieldbus peripherals.

Configured Devices List

The Configured Devices List shows whether added devices are Enabled or Disabled. Toggle the switches in the table to enable or disable devices. When a device is enabled, the toggle is to the right and the slider is green. Control enabled devices in the Device Control app and Task Canvas app.

To edit a device, select it on the table and tap Edit at the top of the table. Only one device may be edited at a time.

To deselect devices, tap the checkbox next to the name or tap Cancel in the top right of the table.

To delete one or more devices, select the devices and tap Delete at the top of the table.


In Task Canvas, device blocks only execute when the device is Enabled. If you Delete and re-add a device, affected device blocks must be remapped to the new device or removed from the task. See Task Settings for more information on device remapping.

Device Library

The Device Library lists all devices supported by ForgeOS. To access the Device Library, tap New + in the Device Configuration app. Sort and filter the list to find devices by Name, by Vendor, or by Type.

No.Device Library FeatureDescription
1Filter SelectionTap the dropdown and select the type of device to add.
2List SortingTap the sort arrows next to the Device Name, Vendor, or Type columns to sort the list alphanumerically according to that column's category.
3Device ListSearch through the list of supported devices.
4SearchTap the search icon (a magnifying glass) and type in the search bar to find a device by name, vendor, or type. Tap the search icon again to close the search bar.
5List NavigationTap the navigation arrows or the page selection dropdown to view more supported devices.