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Omron NX-Series PLC


Omron NX-Series PLCs are powerful devices for automating robotic cells.

This guide walks you through how to configure an Omron PLC in Sysmac Studio and ForgeOS.

Let's get started!

Configuring the PLC in Sysmac Studio

This section assumes that you have Sysmac Studio installed on a computer.

  1. Put the forgeos.eds file in the following folder: C:\Program Files(x86)\OMRON\Sysmac Studio\IODeviceProfiles\ EipConnection\Eds

  2. Create the following highlighted global variables with 132 bytes each. Configure the network publish dropdown as shown below.

  1. Go to Tools -> Ethernet/IP Connection Settings.

  2. Click Registration All and select the global variables that were created in Step 2.

  1. Go to the Connection tab.

  2. Create a new device in the right pane. Select the ForgeOS device and enter the IP address.

  1. Populate all the fields as shown below.

  1. Use the created global variables in the user program to send and receive data.

Configuring the PLC in ForgeOS

Once the PLC is configured in Sysmac Studio, you can add it in ForgeOS.

In the Settings app, follow these substeps:

  • Tap Fieldbus Configuration, then NEW +.

  • Create an interface with a type of Ethernet.

  • Make sure that the new Ethernet/IP fieldbus interface appears in the list of current configurations and is enabled.

In Device Configuration, follow these substeps:

  • Tap NEW+.

  • Select EtherNet/IP ForgeOS Adapter (Network device type).

  • Give the device a name, select the Ethernet/IP fieldbus interface that you created at the beginning of this section, and tap NEXT.

  • Configure any Input/Output (I/O) signals that you want to view in the Device Control app.

  • Tap SAVE.