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Robotiq Adaptive Gripper


Welcome! This guide explains how to set up a Robotiq 2-Finger Adaptive Gripper in ForgeOS.

ForgeOS unlocks the full potential of Robotiq 2-Finger Adaptive Grippers, giving you granular control over the speed, position, and force needed to grip your parts.


This guide assumes the following:

  • You have assembled the fingers and other gripper components.
  • You have mounted the gripper on the robot.
  • You are using one Robotiq gripper on the robot.

For assembly, mounting, and multi-gripper instructions, refer to Robotiq documentation.

Hardware Requirements

You will need the items in the table below.

ImageItemDescriptionSupplierPart Number
Industrial PC (IPC)Hosts ForgeOS.READY Robotics or other-
READY pendantThe touch screen interface for ForgeOS.READY Robotics112563
Robotiq Coupling and Pigtail CableConnects the gripper to the Robotiq Device Cable.RobotiqAGC-CPLXXX-002
Robotiq Device Cable (or other)Connects the pigtail cable to the USB to RS-485 Converter.RobotiqCBLCOM-2065-XX
USB to RS-485 ConverterAdapts the RS-485 interface to a USB plug.Comm FrontUSB-485-1 (or similar)
Terminals to 24V Power Supply Kit (or other 24V, 1A power supply)Provides power to the USB to RS-485 Converter.PI ManufacturingVB870-DCADA-S2 (or similar)

Wiring the Gripper

  1. Screw the M12 connector of the pigtail cable onto the Device Cable.

  1. Wire the Device Cable to the USB to RS-485 Converter and to a power supply.

If you are using a Robotiq 5-pin cable for the Device Cable, refer to the table and diagrams below.

If you are using a custom 5-pin cable, check your pinout to match up wire colors.

Pigtail Cable Pinout (Male)Device Cable Pinout (Female)
PinDevice Cable WireSignalRS485 TerminalPower Terminal
1BareRS485 GND3
4WhiteRS485 +1
5GreenRS485 -2

Add a jumper to terminals 4 and 5 on the RS-485 Converter to prevent signal reflection.

  1. Plug the USB connector on the USB to RS-485 Converter into a USB port on your IPC.

  1. Check if there is a red light on the Robotiq gripper. A red light means that the gripper has power but no communication. In the next section, you will set up communication between the gripper and ForgeOS.

If you do not see a red light, check your wiring.

Adding the Gripper in ForgeOS

  1. Open the Settings app.

  1. Tap Fieldbus Configuration.

  1. Tap NEW+ to create a new fieldbus configuration.

  1. Select Serial. Then follow these substeps to enter the configuration information:
  • In the Interface name dropdown, select the name of your USB interface.

Here is a good way to tell which "USB-X" interface you are using:

  1. Unplug the USB to RS-485 Converter from your IPC.
  2. Note which interfaces are listed in the dropdown.
  3. Plug the USB connector back in.
  4. Note which new interface appeared.
  • In the Protocol name dropdown, select forge-modbus-rtu.

  • In the Baud Rate field, leave the value at the default 115200.

  • In the Stop Bit dropdown, select 1.

  • In the Parity dropdown, select None.

  1. Tap ACCEPT to save your fieldbus configuration.

  2. Open the Device Configuration app.

  1. Select Robotiq Adaptive Gripper, then tap NEXT.

  1. Type in a Device Name. Then select the serial RS485 Interface (the Modbus RTU interface you added in Fieldbus Configuration). A Description is optional.

  1. Choose a Gripper ID. Enter a unique Gripper ID if you are using multiple devices over the same serial interface. Leave the default ID value if you are using one serial device.

  2. Tap SAVE to return to the Device Configuration main screen. Make sure the Robotiq Adaptive Gripper appears on the Configured Devices list and make sure it's enabled.

  3. Check if there is a blue light on the Robotiq gripper. A blue light means that there is communication between the gripper and ForgeOS.


If the light is red, try these troubleshooting tips:

  • Check the gripper RS-485 wiring.

  • In Device Configuration, disable and re-enable the Robotiq gripper.

  • In Settings, delete the Fieldbus Configuration and create a new one. In Device Configuration, edit the Robotiq gripper so that it uses the new Fieldbus Configuration.

  • When creating a new Fieldbus Configuration, try different entries for the Interface name.

  • Refer to Robotiq documentation to verify the Stop Bit and Parity of your gripper.