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Connect the IPC to Internet


Connecting your system to the internet is required for some ForgeOS features, such as Online License Activation and Online Updates.

View and edit the list of configured network interfaces in the Settings app under Network. From this page, there are a few ways that you can connect to internet:

  • Connect via Wi-Fi.

  • Connect via Ethernet (similar to how you would use an Ethernet cable to connect a laptop to a modem for internet).

  • (Forge/Ctrl only) Connect via an Ethernet connection to the Forge/Ctrl router.

Connecting via Wi-Fi

  1. Select an option that begins with "w" and tap Edit.


If you don't see an option that begins with "w", try plugging a USB Wi-Fi dongle into a USB port of your IPC.

  1. From the list of available wireless networks, select an option.

Options with a "locked" icon require you to enter a password in an Authentication Required pop-up.

  1. In the list of available wireless networks, the one that you are now connected to will display a checkmark.

If you are using a Forge/Ctrl, you may not be able to directly control the Forge/Ctrl's Sierra modem's wireless settings. You will likely need to set up the Sierra modem's DHCP via the modem's embedded web interface, which is password-protected with a unique password for each Forge/Ctrl.

Connecting via Ethernet

  1. Plug one end of an Ethernet cable into an Ethernet port on your IPC.

  2. Plug the other end of the cable into an Ethernet port in your internet supply.

  3. Wait for a new Ethernet option to display in the Network Interfaces list.

Connecting via the Router in the Forge/Ctrl

In the Network Interfaces list, select enp1s0. Then tap Edit.

Make sure the following settings are set, then tap SAVE.

  • IP Settings: STATIC

  • IP Address:

  • Pendant IP Address:

  • Subnet Mask:

  • Gateway: