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Connect the READY Pendant and IPC


For some steps, use the tabs to select your IPC. This will display specific instructions that pertain to you.

  1. Connect the READY pendant cable's RJ45 Ethernet connector to an available LAN port on the IPC.

Use an Ethernet switch to increase the number of Ethernet ports.

Use an Ethernet coupler to connect to a long Ethernet cable that can reach the IPC.

  1. Connect the READY pendant to power.

Using an external 24V DC, 2.5A source, make the following connections:

  • Connect the READY pendant cable's Pink wire to +24V.
  • Connect the READY pendant cable's Black wire to 0V.


The rest of the flying leads are used for wiring the READY pendant's E-Stop, enabling switch, and keyswitch to a robot controller. See one of READY's robot startup guides.

  1. Plug the IPC's power cable into a power outlet. If there's a power button on the IPC, press it to turn the IPC on.