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Install ForgeOS

IPC Requirements

ForgeOS software must run on an industrial PC (IPC). This software comes installed on Essential Plus Hubs (aka "Forge/Hubs").


READY Robotics also used to sell the Forge/Ctrl, which got phased-out in favor of the Essential Plus Hub.

Forge/CtrlEssential Plus Hub

If you instead want to use your own industrial computer, it must meet these minimum requirements to install ForgeOS:

Device FeatureMinimum Required Specification
CPUi5 8500T / i3 8100T
Memory8GB DDR4 RAM
Storage128GB SATA SSD
MediaTwo USB 2.0 ports
Display AdaptersOne DisplayPort or HDMI
Network AdaptersTwo Gigabit Ethernet ports
Temperature RatingRecommended 0-50ºC

Installing ForgeOS

Follow these steps to install ForgeOS on an IPC. You need a ForgeOS installation USB flash drive. Installation takes about 30 minutes, depending on the resources of the IPC.


Installing ForgeOS will erase all data on the target hard drive.

  1. Connect a monitor, keyboard, and mouse to the IPC where you want to install ForgeOS.

  1. Plug the ForgeOS installation USB flash drive into the IPC.

If you need more USB ports, use a USB 3.0 hub.

  1. Restart the IPC. While the IPC is powering on, press the keyboard hotkey that takes you to the Boot Menu.

The key that opens the Boot Menu depends on the IPC model. The most common keys that do this are ESC, F10, F11, or F12. Refer to your computer's documentation for boot options.


If you're installing ForgeOS on a Forge/Ctrl, press F11. You may need to enter the BIOS Admin password. Contact READY Support if you run into this issue.

  1. From the boot options, select ForgeOS to boot from the installation USB flash drive. The installer may take several minutes to load. Wait until the installation wizard opens on Ubuntu desktop.

  2. Click Install Forge.

  1. Accept the terms and conditions.


If the ForgeOS installer crashes, check out this troubleshooting guide.

  1. Select Erase disk and install ForgeOS. Then click Continue.

  1. Confirm the disk changes. Then click Continue.

  2. Choose your IPC's host name. The host name identifies the IPC on the network. Then click Install Now when you're ready.

  1. When the installation completes, click Restart Now. Remove the USB and press ENTER when prompted.

  2. When you see the login screen with the ForgeOS 5 logo, ForgeOS is ready to run on the READY pendant! You don't need to sign in to the desktop. Disconnect the monitor, keyboard, and mouse that you used to install ForgeOS.