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Activate ForgeOS

If it’s your first time booting ForgeOS since installing or deactivating ForgeOS, you (as an Admin) are taken directly to the Settings app to activate the ForgeOS license. You cannot leave the Settings app to access the rest of ForgeOS until you activate the license.


If you try to log in as an Operator before the license has been activated, you will get a License Invalid pop-up, preventing you from logging in.

There are two methods to activate ForgeOS: Online license activation and offline license activation.

Below are the requirements for each method.

Online License Activation:

  • An internet-connected ForgeOS
  • A valid ForgeOS license code

Offline License Activation:

  • A 2GB or larger USB flash drive
  • An internet-connected PC
  • A valid ForgeOS license code

Connect a USB keyboard to the port on the bottom of the READY pendant to type in any text field in ForgeOS.


  1. On the Settings app main screen, tap License.

  1. Type in your license code.

You should have recevied this code from READY Robotics upon purchasing ForgeOS.

  1. Choose ONLINE LICENSE ACTIVATION if ForgeOS is connected to the internet. If not, choose OFFLINE LICENSE ACTIVATION.

Extra Steps for Offline License Activation

If you chose online license activation, you're done!

If you chose offline license activation, follow these steps:

  1. Insert a USB flash drive into your IPC.

Do NOT connect the USB to the READY pendant or else it won't be recognized.


  1. When the files finish transferring, tap NEXT. Follow the below substeps to convert the Activation Certificate to an Unlock Certificate using an internet-connected PC.

  • Plug the USB into an external computer.

  • Open Forge_OS-License-Acitvation-Certificate.txt. Copy all of its contents.

  • Go to Paste the contents into the dialog box.

  • Click Activate.

  • If successful, copy the generated unlock certificate.

  • Paste the unlock certificate into Forge_OS-License-Unlock-Certificate.txt.

  • Save the file. Then safely eject the USB.

  • Tap NEXT to continue on to the next step.

  1. Insert the USB flash drive back into your IPC. Tap LOAD UNLOCK CERTIFICATE FROM USB DRIVE.

  1. Wait for the file to finish transferring. When the file transfer is complete, remove the USB flash drive and tap SAVE.