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During boot-up, the READY pendant automatically finds and pairs with the IPC. The three LEDs on the screen help you track the status:

  • Pendant Network Connection: This condition is satisfied when the READY pendant has a valid network connection (i.e., the Ethernet cable is plugged in).

  • ForgeOS IPC Detected: This condition is satisfied when the READY pendant detects a ForgeOS IPC on the network.

  • ForgeOS IPC Paired: This condition is satisfied when the READY pendant successfully pairs with the IPC. If pairing fails, it is automatically retried indefinitely.

The UI shows the real-time state of each step. For example, if the pendant loses its network connection during pairing, all steps become undone.

  • When a condition is not satisfied, the LED is red.

  • When a condition is in the process of becoming satisfied, a spinner around a ForgeOS logo appears to the right of the text.

  • When a condition becomes satisfied, the LED turns green.


If the READY pendant spends more than 60 seconds on any step, troubleshooting text displays. Common things to check are:

  • If the READY pendant network cable is plugged in.

  • If the IPC is powered on, if the READY pendant and IPC are connected to the same network.

  • If there's only one READY pendant and one IPC on that network.


The READY pendant IP Address is preset to The network interface that the pendant connects to should use IP Address and Subnet mask

Tap Admin for full access to ForgeOS.


The default Admin password is "forgeadmin". You must change this password when setting up ForgeOS. You can change it again any time later on in Settings > User Accounts.

If ForgeOS is inactive, it opens the Settings app and prevents you from opening other apps. If you see the screen below, follow this.