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General Errors

Brand-Specific Errors

If the error that you are seeing is specific to the robot brand that you are using, check one of these directories for a troubleshooting guide:

Other Errors

If your error won't reset with the Reset button, and there's no guide above applicable to your error, try the below tips:

  1. Check your cable connections. It’s possible that one of your Ethernet cables became loose and needs to be plugged back in to restore connection.

  2. Disable/ re-enable the device in Device Configuration. This action resets ForgeOS’s connection with the device, so this simple action can work if the cause of the issue is software-related.

  3. Reboot the system.

  • Try soft-rebooting ForgeOS with the power icon on the sign-in screen or any Settings screen.

  • Try hard-rebooting ForgeOS with the physical power switch on the IPC that has ForgeOS installed.

  • Try rebooting the robot controller.