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IPC Battery Replacement


The IPC battery inside the Forge/Hub has about a three year lifespan. For preventative maintenance, follow the steps in this guide for replacing the IPC battery every three years (or sooner, if the system is without power for long periods of time).

Removing the Old Battery

  1. Open the Forge/Hub lid.
  1. Remove all cables from the IPC, including the two antenna cables.

  1. Remove the 8 screws (4 screws from the bracket and 4 from the IPC) inside the Forge/Hub.

All bolts are M3 hex-head.

  1. Remove the IPC from the Forge/Hub enclosure.

  2. Remove the two Phillips screws on the IPC so the lid can be removed.

  1. Slide the IPC lid back and remove it. Set it aside.

  2. To remove the battery, gently push on the battery to separate it from the I/O ports on the motherboard. Then unplug the battery and remove it.


Take ESD precautions when working directly with the motherboard.


The battery being removed has double-sided tape. It is attached to one of the network jacks inside the IPC.

Installing a New Battery

  1. Plug the new battery in. The new battery gets plugged into the same spot from which the old battery was unplugged.

Take ESD precautions when working directly with the motherboard.


The connector is keyed. Make sure that it is plugged in correctly. The wiring polarity of the new battery should match the battery being removed. Note that the polarity is reversed from a standard motherboard.

  1. Wire tie the battery to the wiring harness.

  2. Put the IPC lid back on and slide it into place.

  3. Put the two screws back into the IPC lid.

  4. Put the IPC back into the Forge/Hub.

  5. Put the 8 screws back into the Forge/Hub.


Blue Loctite is recommended to be reapplied on the M3 bolts.

  1. Plug the two USB cables, display port cable, KEBA network cable, Ethernet cable, power cable, and two antenna cables back into the IPC.

The KEBA network cable and Ethernet cable must be plugged into the correct ports. If you flip-flop them, you may get network errors later.

  1. Close the Forge/Hub lid.