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How to Update Robot Config Files

Getting Config Files

Open the Device Configuration app.

Select your configured robot and tap Edit.

Insert a FAT32 USB drive with at least 2GB of available storage into the IPC.

Tap ​Start Transfer​.

Wait for the transfer to finish​, then remove the USB drive.

Transferring Config Files

Insert the USB drive with the config files into the FANUC pendant.


You can also plug the USB drive into the robot controller instead. This is required for the R-30iA and R-30iB Mini Plus controllers.

Switch the FANUC pendant to ON. Switch the controller to T1 mode.


If you are using a CRX robot, turn the FANUC tablet on so that you see the icon below. You do not need to change modes on the controller, as there is no mode switch on the R-30iB Mini Plus.

On the FANUC pendant, press the SELECT button. This displays a list of system programs.

Press MONITOR (F4).

If any programs are running, press the FCTN button on the keypad. Press 1 ABORT (ALL) until no programs are running.


Press 1 ABORT (ALL) more than once to make sure that all programs have been stopped. If you go back to the SELECT screen and nothing appears when you press MONITOR again, move on.

Press the MENU button, then choose FILE (7).

Press UTIL (F5), then choose Set Device (1).

Choose USB on TP (UT1:).


If you inserted the USB drive into the controller front panel instead of the FANUC pendant, choose UD​ instead.

Highlight (all files) and press ENTER to view the USB's contents. Then enter the FORGE-OS folder.


If you have trouble accessing the contents of the USB drive, try the following:

  • Unplug the USB and re-insert it.

  • If the USB drive is in the FANUC pendant, try plugging it into the robot controller instead (or vice versa).

  • Make sure the USB has a FANUC-compatible format (e.g., FAT32).

Enter the READY-FANUC-DRIVER folder.

Highlight FORGE_INSTALL, then press ENTER.

Press YES (F4) to confirm and execute.

Wait for the FANUC controller to say ​"Execution is completed successfully." Then press OK (F4) and remove the USB drive.


If you are using a CRX robot, it's possible that the tablet will get stuck on the "Backing Up Controller Config" step. In this case, the tablet displays an error and becomes unresponsive (preventing you from navigating elsewhere, such as to the Alarm Log). To get around this issue, reboot the controller and run FORGE_INST_NOBACK.CM instead. This install option doesn't include the backup step, allowing you to bypass some failures.


If you see "Specified program is in use" or "No message found", follow the substeps below:

  • Press SELECT to view the system's programs.

  • Highlight a program that does NOT start with "FOS" or "LIB". Press ENTER to select it. Make sure that the top bar no longer says "FOS" or "LIB".

  • Try running the ForgeOS install script again.

If you continue to have issues, check if the following programs are present. If present, they need to be removed before re-running the ForgeOS install script:

  • All FOS and LIB programs (if using an R-30iA controller)
  • INC_MOVD (if using an R-30iA controller)

Press the MENU button, choose NEXT (0), then SYSTEM (6), then DCS. Then press PREV to make sure you're on the main DCS screen.


If the SYSTEM option doesn't expand into another menu, press [TYPE] (F1) and select DCS.

Press APPLY (F2) to confirm changes to the DCS settings. Enter the password (default: 1111) and confirm with OK (F4).


If there are no changes to apply, you will see "no need to apply" when you tap APPLY. Move on to the next step.

Restart the controller. While the controller is restarting, switch the pendant to OFF. Switch the controller to AUTO mode.


If you are using a CRX robot, make sure the FANUC tablet shows the icon below. You do not need to change modes on the controller, as there is no mode switch on the R-30iB Mini Plus.



If you are using a collaborative robot, you must confirm the payload each time the controller restarts. Follow these substeps to do so:

  • Ensure that nothing is contacting the robot.

  • Press MENU, NEXT (0), then SYSTEM (6). If available, select the DCS option in the secondary menu; otherwise, press TYPE (F1) and select the DCS option.

  • Press PREV, highlight the Collaborative Robot option, and press ENTER.

  • Press CONFIRM (F2). Enter a password (default: 1111) and follow the prompts by answering YES (F4).


You must confirm the payload each time the controller restarts.

Follow these steps to do so from the READY pendant:


If you don't have ForgeOS 5.4.6 or later, you must confirm the payload from the FANUC tablet instead. See this.

  1. Make sure that nothing is contacting the robot.

  2. In the Device Control app, select the robot device.

  3. In the Jog tab, select a configured Payload and tap SET.

  1. In the Signals tab, toggle the Confirm_Payload_1 output HIGH.


If you do not see this signal, open the Device Configuration app, select the robot device, tap Edit, tap ROBOT IO CONFIGURATION, and select the DC checkbox for that signal.

  1. Verify that the payload has been confirmed by checking that the Payload_Confirm_OK_1 input is HIGH.

Press SELECT, then press MONITOR (F4). Confirm that three Forge programs are running.