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How to Update Robot Config Files

Getting Config Files

Open the Device Configuration app.

Select your configured robot and tap Edit.

Insert a FAT32 USB drive with at least 2GB of available storage into the IPC.

Tap ​Start Transfer​.

Wait for the transfer to finish​, then remove the USB drive.

Connecting the Computer to the Controller

Use a Cat5e STP Ethernet cable to connect your Windows computer to the Ethernet port you chose earlier on the CS9 controller (port J204 or J205).

On your computer, configure the IP settings to connect with the controller:


The below substeps assume that your computer is a Windows computer. If you are not using a Windows computer, follow your computer's procedure for configuring IP settings.

  • Open the Run box by pressing Windows key + R on the keyboard or right-click the Start Menu button and select Run. In the Run pop-up, type "ncpa.cpl" (Network Connections panel) and click OK.

  • On the Network Connections window, double-click the Ethernet connection that you are using on the computer. For computers with one Ethernet port, it's the Ethernet option.

  • In the Ethernet Properties Networking tab, double-click Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4).

  • In the IPv4 Properties pop-up General tab, select Obtain an IP address automatically. This allows the DHCP server to automatically assign your computer an IP address for communicating with the robot controller.

  • Click OK to save these settings.

Instead of setting an automatic IP address, you could instead set a static IP address.

  • If you are using the Forge Hub or your own IPC, set the IP address to and set the Subnet mask to

  • If you are using the legacy Forge/Ctrl, set the IP address to instead.

Transferring Files

Launch Stäubli Robotic Suite (SRS).

Insert the USB flash drive into the Windows computer.

Click the File tab and select Open. Find the ReadyCell folder on the USB flash drive and select Ready.cell to open.

When the SRS environment launches, select the Home tab and click Transfer Manager.

Fill in the following parameters:

  • Select your controller in the Target area.

  • In the Host field, enter the IP address of the Stäubli controller.


The picture below shows the IP Address of the robot if you're using the legacy Forge/Ctrl. Use the IP address that you entered earlier on the Stäubli pendant.

  • For the User name, select "default" (unless otherwise applicable).

  • For the Password, type "default" (unless otherwise applicable).

Click OK.


If you see an error and you cannot click OK, check the Ethernet cable to the Stäubli controller and the network settings on your PC. Then go back to the SRS Targets window and press the refresh icon next to the Host address.

On the Transfer Manager window, the left side shows the READY driver files and the right side shows the files on the Stäubli controller.

On the right side, select the checkbox next to VAL3 Applications and click Delete to remove existing programs from the Stäubli controller. If there are no VAL3 applications on the Stäubli controller, move on.


If you see the below pop-up, click Yes to all.


Don't move your mouse or click anything until the process finishes (when the bottom-left corner reads "SUCCESS").

On the left side, select the following:

  • All IO options
  • Profiles > READY_ROBOTICS
  • VAL3 Applications > app forge

Click the >> button at the top of the Transfer Manager to start the transfer. If SRS asks you whether to overwrite the existing files, hit Yes.


Don't move your mouse or click anything until the process finishes (when the blue >> button reappears and the bottom-left corner reads "SUCCESS").


After the transfer completes, expand the tree on the right to make sure the IO, Profiles, and VAL3 Applications transferred onto the Staubli controller.

Restart the CS9 controller. Wait for the controller to restart before you move on.


It may take up to 3 minutes for everything to finish booting back up (even though the controller lights come on right away).

Clearing Errors

Immediately after beginning the reboot, the robot's status changed to "Robot is disconnected". Wait until the error text changes to the following:

  • "Safety Reset Needed: Robot is waiting for safety reset before additional movements can be executed."
  • Reboot required to complete installation: Reboot the Staubli controller to complete the installation of the READY robot software system.”

Reboot the controller again.

Wait another 3 minutes or so until everything finishes coming back up (even though the controller lights come on right away).

Follow these steps to clear robot errors:

  • Tap the DEVICE STATUS button on the Taskbar to expand the Device Status Panel. The robot is listed with two buttons: MORE and RESET.

  • Tap RESET to try to recover from the errors. If you can't RESET an error, tap MORE to get more details and instructions.