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Update ForgeOS

The System Update screen is where you update ForgeOS from a USB flash drive or an online server. It usually takes about 20 minutes for ForgeOS to update.


After updating ForgeOS, some robot brands require you to also update robot configuration files on the robot controller. ForgeOS may give you a warning about this (as shown below), but even if you don't see a warning, it can still be crucial to update configuration files.

Scroll down to the bottom of this guide for more info.

Offline Updating

To update offline, first download an update file to your computer. You must have an eligible READY Support plan to receive an update file. Then transfer the file from your computer to a USB drive.


Update files are too large for the FAT32 file system. Use an exFAT formatted USB flash drive with at least 8GB of storage.


After you transfer an update file to your USB flash drive, make sure you safely eject it from your computer. Early removal of the USB flash drive will corrupt the update file.

Once you have the update file on a USB, insert it into your IPC. Then, in the Update from USB tab, tap the available version that you want to update to.

Online Updating

To update with an internet-connected server, first connect your IPC to internet.

Once your IPC is online, go to the Update from Online Server tab. Tap the available version that you want to update to.

Available online updates are based on the system's current version. They include:

  • Most recent version of ForgeOS.
  • Most recent minor version of the system major version.
  • Most recent patch of the system version.

For example, if the system version is 5.3.0 and the latest version is 6.1.1, the options will be something like this:

  • 6.1.1 (latest version of ForgeOS)
  • 5.6.2 (last version in 5.x)
  • 5.3.3 (last version in 5.3.x)

Next Steps

When the update is done, a pop-up asks if you want to restart now or later. Tap Restart Now to finish applying the update. If you instead tap Restart Later, you can later restart ForgeOS by tapping the power icon on the top-right corner of any Settings screen.


After you log back in, verify that the update completed successfully by checking the Current ForgeOS Version in the top-right corner of the System Update page or System Information page.


If you are using one of the following robot brands, click a link below for instructions on updating robot configuration files. Configuration files for these robot brands need to be updated on the robot controller every time you update ForgeOS to ensure that the robot behaves expectedly.